Presents An Exciting Evening of

Load Lightening * Mood Lifting * Eye Opening * Enjoyment  

Steering You Up the Road to the Good Times

& Whimsy & Bodacious Insight


    A unique new kind of Performance Art
 Opening pathways to a deeper awareness  
   Nudging you in the direction of your fondest dreams 

Come Share the Fun at our Awesome December Event

 Changing Red Lights to Green  -  Turning Shadows to Sunshine

Answering Fanciful Life-Renewing Questions like >>>

                                                                       * Can the 4 F's of Mess Up Modification save my day ?

                                                                       * Is it possible to sing Zippity Doo Dah with your foot in your mouth ?

                                                                       * Is the Universe really raining Twinkies ?


                                                       Solving Tricky Self-Actualization Issues like >>>

                                                          * If we feel defensive, does it mean we're hiding something from ourselves ?

                                                          * If our future seems dark, does it mean our vision has been blinded by the past ?

                                                          * If we feel grumpy after a bad day, does it mean we Need a Hug ?

 ~~~ Yes It Does  ~~~

Let’s Fix That ~~~

Come on out for some Smiles & Support 

& some Whoop De Doo Happiness 

You’ll feel 10 years younger & 20 lbs lighter.

 And the 20 lbs lighter isn’t about our muffin tops or love handles ~

It’s that weighty emotional baggage we’d all love to dump.

This is a non-ticketed event for our friends in DFW
      If You Feel We Succeed in B
rightening Your Day ~     
Your Love Offering will help us Brighten the Lives of Many More

~ Random Act of Kindness Opportunity ~

We'll be collecting 'stocking stuffers' to be delivered to the homeless on Christmas Day
Pnut Butter * Crackers * Tooth Brushes * Tooth Paste * Snack Bars * Fruit Jc * Lunchables * etc